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 A set of smiles for The Bat!  
I published in the section Files, the first version of smiles to be used in a body of a message.

Recently I downloaded a demo-version of the new post client The Bat! v3.0, and found out, that it now includes smiles for e-mails. Having analyzed some new references to the packets of extra smiles, I found out, that the authors just collected smiles from the whole internet to the heap creating “wonderpackets”, not having spent a lot of time and energy, except only for start of installation programs.

By the way, they took my koloboks and pasted them into it! I always write in every file making the archive description, that it will be artifacts! Such smiles look ugly, what irritates me as author. Everyone can use smiles everywhere he needs, but those who uses them for their projects always asked for my permission. And I never refused. So, I became irritated by the fact, that my smiles are misused without any permission, and made a special version of koloboks with clean lines for the “bat”. Since it doesn't image Gif correct, I had to remove all ats of this format and to make a heavier version of koloboks. They weight more, but they don’t lose animation and colors, frames don’t stick. Here you are!

p.s.: I kindly request you not to use smiles for the Web in your e-mails.

Autor:  Aiwan  10 December 2004 - 21:51:14 Comments: 0   printer friendly  

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