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Interview Laie for the site 2006 г.

on 22 September 2009
by Aiwan print the content item
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Interview Laie for the site

What is your real name?

Laie: My name is Juan Montanyes.

Where are you in the world?

Laie: I live in Barcelona. Nice City near the Mediterranean sea.

What tools do you use to create your emoticons?

Laie: I use Adobe photoshop CS, Easy gif animator 3 and sometimes Ulead Gif animator 5, maybe last one is the best program but I need to learn how it goes.

What inspires you when making emoticons?

Laie: I don`t know exactly, life and simple things. Sometimes I see another animated gif or smiley that are pleasant to me and I try to do it better.

Have you any formal training in computer art?

Laie: No artistic training.

What got you started?

Laie: The same as others, curiosity and the need know If I can do natural movements to the images,... and share my work.

And the hardest part is?

Laie: Do something cool, that can immitate people. I have serious problems with expressions and some movements.

What do you do 'outside' of the Internet?

Laie: I am pharmacist.

What is your view on people that use your emoticons without permission?

Laie: My smileys want to live and need other computers... All can be used without conditions.

Who is your favorite emoticon artist other than yourself?

Laie: Fools and Aiwan. but Fools is the best... The number one. Special thanks to Aiwan and his great site.

What is your most favorite thing in the whole world?

Laie: Easy, my family. My wife and my two sons.

And finally, do you have any advice for emoticonists' out there?

Laie: Patience and know that one good smiley is better than fifty regular so if it is necessary keep at it until it is perfect.

Interviewed for on 13 September 2006.

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