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 We has changed the server  
The Koloboks project has changed the server that it was using in last three years. There were some reasons for it: from excess power and till the necessity of modern software. Now everything is working on normal mode but if you will notice any errors please inform us about it here or at the forum. Thanks for understanding!

Autor:  Aiwan  07 January 2012 - 20:21:16 Comments: 2   printer friendly  

mikuhatsune   25.06.13 - 22:53
Comments: 1

umm if u dont know have been using your smilies
is it ok if u tll them to add more and maby give some to cleverwillow107 just to use   

Aiwan   29.06.13 - 08:33

Comments: 455

I did not give them permission to use smiles. I do not remember...
The rest of your message is not understood.   

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