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 The Kolobok's site is one year old!  
I'm glad to welcome all the admirers of Koloboks. 9th of November of the last year we did open this site. If you look at the first news you will see this date. I would like to sum up the all done work and to say thanks everyone who did help me a lot by words and by work and was with us all the year.

During one and a half year I've made more than 300 smiles. This site has got about one million visitings. I got many friends from many countries. You can see how many time the archives has been uploaded. I have 3-4 letters per day. How can i do this all in time? Further I'll answer the three most important and intriguing questions, that I have found in your letters and messages.

Why Kolobok? So, why kolobok? * I've seen many opinions about this theme. But.. you can trust me or not, but it all turned out very simply.
One evening we and my lovely wife were teasing each other and she said this phrase: "I'll tell everyone that you, such big adult guy are drawing a silly koloboks". I was laughing and naturally, I slipped down under the table from it.
Since then, my family have never used another word for my smiles. And now my wife is the first critic and my main assistant. Many koloboks is copying her emotions and movements of hands.

How did it all begin? I had created a forum and I needed a smiles for a dark background. And I made what everyone would have done : I started to edit standard emotions, it was a mistake, that no one should do. After that I understood I needed to re-draw all the smile. Then I could not find a smile which I needed.. etc.

What in the future? I don't know. While I will have interest I will to draw. Half of year, one year, three months nobody knows. Maybe I'll go to the deserved rest, maybe the format will change and "gif" will leave to the past. Maybe I will embody my koloboks in new format... Who knows...

* The kolobok is a famous character of a really old russian fairy tale, for very little kids. See here

I want to thank:

  • All visitors of the Masters’ town. They gave me inspiration for my works. They persuaded me to publish koloboks in archive. They made me tired asking me to allow them the usage of smileys on their forums, in their schools, local nets and so on. And I decided to put an end to it.

  • Igor Nesterov aka Shatun - who pressed me tactfully trying to assure me, that koloboks need their own site. And for help with scripts for the first gallery, which he gave to me.

  • Davidoff – who has written a gallery module, it is the very place, where koloboks are shown.

  • Iris – who helped me from the very beginning, from my first visit of the forum, where she was a moderator. She helps me a lot even now. Thank you, Iris!

  • Fool – for being a pleasant company. And of course for the Godfather of koloboks, that is now representing my site.

  • SlavaZ – for allowing me to do, what I can do the best – to paint. He took upon himself all the work connected with PHP. I devoted all my energies to it. And it is he, who made the English version of the site, that you can enjoy without writing spam to my e-mail.

  • Nome – Nome for translations to English, which is a blind-spot of mine…

  • Those, who transferred money to WM - no matter how big the sum was. Thanks a lot for backing!

I also want to thank all of you, visitors! It is you, who are the power behind koloboks' development. It is you, who help koloboks capture the hearts. I don’t visit forums and chats, I only show my works, and it is you, who make their mark in the Internet.

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