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 A set of smiles for Miranda IM - pager  
A new set of animated smiles for internet-pager Miranda KOLOBOK For IEView. Original is now available. This set can be used with Miranda IM only with installed plug-ins: IEView and Scriver or tabSRMM (IEView + TabSRMM is even better). Install these add-ons and use it. Compatible with ICQ-codes and other popular codes. Reads Russian letters in codes.

For example, LOL will look like . I recommend you to switch on the following option in plug-in IEViwe: only replace isolated smiles.

I won’t describe, what else can you find in these plug-ins. I haven’t installed anything for a long time myself and I was surprised by opportunities offered by them: they support skins, avators and so on. As well as animated smiles, I couldn’t find it anywhere else. But QIP will soon appear, and it has everything in it! Including my smiles! Well, our choice! kolobok

Autor:  Aiwan  09 April 2005 - 21:15:30 Comments: 0   printer friendly  

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