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Because of a big number of letters I officially inform you that new galleries are more handy, you need to register to get all possibilities. After registration go to the galleries section of the site and you'll see the menu : [ Galleries| Favorites| Setting ]. You can collect the loved one kolobok into your favorites section and next time get the link from there. Settings section allows you to choose how many koloboks are displaying at one page. Default number is 40. Also I inform you that koloboks toolbar from Hyron is not working good due to kolobok's site moving. But Hyron will fix it soon. Be patient. Thanks!

My congratulations to all ladies to the coming women's day - 8th March! Be healthy, happy, beautiful and loved!

Autor:  Aiwan  07 March 2009 - 09:59:35 Comments: 1   printer friendly  

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