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 Koloboks on TV!  
It is not a secret that koloboks were drawn in 3D style. But there was too early to speak about it, as long as the project "Kolobanga" is not fully grown. A few days ago we reached an agreement with the producer center "Kolobanga" about the transfer of production rights to animated series of Koloboks adventures. The series will be released on the main russian TV channel "CTC". The series begins on kid's winter vacations, at the Dec-Jan of 2014/15.

The series will be based on the 3D technology. All the work of 3D graphic and animations made the Kolobanga and a team of freelancers. The script writer is Vyacheslav Marchenko, producer of the project - showman Alexander Revva. My participation in the project is as the author of the original idea, as the co-writer and as the consultant on various "Koloboks" issues. But, rather, I'm grumbling and stomping feet in chat with the team by Skype and throw the whole studio into a depression by the words: "It is not looks like!", "It's need to be elaborated!", "I not agree!" and so on. So I very like it!

The idea to make an animated cartoon about the koloboks exist long time ago. But this requires finance, professional animators, time, etc. The process is very difficult and very slow,unfortunately. And I'm glad that there were people who believed in koloboks and their potential. I very much hope that the result of our cooperation will bring alot of enjoying for viewers! Good luck, Koloboks on TV!

p.s. The teaser of Koloboks series is available right now.

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