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 Kolobok site is 5 years old!  
The totals. Exactly at 9th of november 5 years ago the kolobok's site has been created. Surely the site in distant 2004 was not the same like now. During these years the site was changed twice cardinally. But it is still the home and the place of birth of koloboks. For these five years two new types of koloboks saw the light. The big and mini. Somebody loved them, somebody not. But independently of the size they are staying the same koloboks like they were five years ago. For this time koloboks were recognized officially. The author's opinion and simple artists's opinions became important. Well, not all and not all the way, but it's a small victory though. The pleasant fact that many people associate our koloboks solely with positive emotions. I've never thought that koloboks will be so popular not only at the internet forums but in a letters in the instant messaging programs too. Now hard to decide where they are more popular at the websites or in programs, but collaboration with instant messaging programs has brought to us extensive popularity.

About sad things. It would not be desirable to speak in such day about sad things but after all it is necessary to mention about I do not solve yet the reason on which many gifted artists take off to paintings. Probably I will once solve this and I will return in our harmonious cheerful numbers of what jobs so were grown fond to you. But so far many of interesting galleries don’t updating and this is sad.

About admirers. I wish to say many thanks to all of you! Your comments, letters, messages at the forum give a chance to look in a new way at many things and often encourage me to get down to drawing. But you should understand the more insistently you ask to make any art for you the unwillingness to draw it is more strongly. Any gift in all sincerity (I consider your kind wishes as gift) will be accepted only if instead of ask nothing.

About assistants. I would like to express special thank to everybody who is helping and were helping to the site: to artists, translators, assistants and loyal fans. I won't name names because I'm afraid to forget somebody or to wound somebody's feelings. I speak to everybody: your support, financial aid, kind letters with warm wishes help me much to work on the site and make koloboks. I would not cope with all the stuff well without you.

About the future. I do not build any grandiose plans for the present, though as usual. The life itself will place all in the places. I hope, I will have a rest, I will draw a heap of amusing koloboks which all will like to you and finally all will be as before well! Besides in Internet still remains so many places where don’t know anything about koloboks

Thanks you friends! Best regards, Mantsurov (Aiwan) Ivan.

Autor:  Aiwan  09 November 2009 - 21:07:39 Comments: 5   printer friendly  

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