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 New galleries of artists: MotherGoose and Phil  
Finally the site is working in a normal more and I can draw again. As I promised before I'm continuing the big series of koloboks. I'm finishing a few basic emotions, I need to draw five more till the standard pack. So, do not worry, everything will be OK kolobok смайлики.

I'm pleased to present two new galleries at the site. Owners of them are artists MotherGoose and Phil. You know their works, just I decided that their works have to be singled out separately , because both artists make charmed smiles and draw in unique style.

I have got mailbox problems. Many spammers send letter with my name, due to it I got in to spam filters. In nearest days we will fix it, but if you have sent an email to me and got no reply you should be awaiting a little bit.

Autor:  Aiwan  23 March 2009 - 16:30:58 Comments: 0   printer friendly  

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