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KOLOBOK For Trillian Astra. Original
Author fazeful
Author email
Author website
Description Installation:

1. Exit Astra;
2. Extract all and place to C:\Program Files\Trillian\stixe\plugins\;
3. Enter to Preferences?Skins in Astra;
4. Click Advanced and choose Kolobok for Trillian Astra.
Filesize 209.23 kB
Date 31 August 2009 - 13:54:33
Downloads 1027
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vollkolobock   18.03.11 - 21:42
Comments: 1

Wow, very nice smilies. Finally I can use your on my Trillian. By the way they work in Trillian 5th Wondering if someone could have added more smilies? Maybe bring out a second version? I would be very happy!


Aiwan   18.03.11 - 23:53

Comments: 455

Thanks Invite the author of this package to make a new, expanded version, I do not use Trillian   

nenene13   09.04.11 - 09:55
Comments: 1

gracias amigo por compartir  

Aiwan   09.04.11 - 15:12

Comments: 455

Aha, i vam togo ge.   

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