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Full Kolobok for Light skin
Author Aiwan
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Description Many who uses my smiles for light/dark skins, complained, that would wish to see these smiles with smooth contours, as at standard smiles IPB. To make all set KOLOBOK's with smooth contours I hardly I can, as it long, it is tiresome and it is uninteresting. But I have found time, have chosen on the taste of the basic smiles and have made their similar on IPB a set. For this purpose I have drawn again completely all koloboks, what colors of my koloboks and standard were identical. If you will add them to yourselves in a standard set they will be similar as twins brothers.
Filesize 807.9 kB
Date 12 October 2009 - 10:06:14
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aghoose   16.06.11 - 07:26
Comments: 9

a thousand thank you

can you add smiley from emoji emoticon?  

user36  19.07.11 - 10:00

very very good a question have can you create a phpbb 3 smiliepack

Aiwan   03.08.11 - 09:54

Comments: 455

It might be.   

piwu  04.09.11 - 04:33

?? ???  

Aiwan   04.09.11 - 07:58

Comments: 455


noamdlouis  26.12.11 - 05:49


dominik4545   30.12.11 - 23:14
Comments: 1

hey, great smilies! Can I create a package for the famous woltlab burning-board? Month ago a package exists, but now there aren?t any valid links to this package and it?s not in the pluginstore anymore.  

Aiwan   30.12.11 - 23:45

Comments: 455

Sorry, I misunderstood you. You can write to me easily?   

HGFGCHFDG  13.04.13 - 21:52


Anonymous  02.07.16 - 18:57


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