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Author's collection of smiles. Artist - Fool

Smile (emoticons, emotions, smiles, smileys) - the best way to transfer your own emotions! If it is not enough for you to use just words if emotions overflow you if your words can be interpreted incorrectly then all of this is a reason to add a smile into the text! You can choose one of these koloboks and use it at a forum or in a chat. Simply click on the smile you like, copy a code-reference and insert it into the message.

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smile emoticon kolobok smile emoticon kolobok smile emoticon kolobok smile emoticon kolobok smile emoticon kolobok

"I couldn't care less about permissions, copyrights and other stuff. I let smilies out of my head (to be honest, they are very annoying in this state :) ) - that's a goal. After that - they are on their own and free to go." (c) Fool.

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