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Aiwan's Big Koloboks - 43 Standard smiles for the program ICQ 6.x

Koloboks (emoticons, emotions, smiles, smileys) - the best way to transfer your own emotions! If it is not enough for you to use just words if emotions overflow you if your words can be interpreted incorrectly then all of this is a reason to add a smile into the text! You can choose one of these koloboks and use it at a forum or in a chat. Simply click on the smile you like, copy a code-reference and insert it into the message.

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smile emoticon kolobok smile emoticon kolobok smile emoticon kolobok

My works are free for personal use but they are in my private ownership. They should not be used in commercial projects without the preliminary coordination with me. Private persons are not required any special permission for use of koloboks at homepages, chats, forums, blogs etc.

All questions concerning use of my works in commercial projects, programs, etc. send me through the form of a feedback of our site, of our site or make use of our forum.

Copyright © 2004-2010 Mantsurov Ivan, aka Aiwan
Exclusive rights of the present format of Koloboks for using in Instant Messaging programs (IM) belong to ICQ, Ltd.


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