News Item: Go to Bobruisk! Beast!
(Category: Koloboks)
Posted by Aiwan
23 December 2005 - 22:16:46

Spreading of the Udaff-slang in the internet happened very fast. Nearly on every forum you can find people speaking this language. Struggle with it is hopeless, because it is a mass phenomenon. I was many times asked to paint something for “afftars”, a kind of “creatiff”. Firstly I refused, but then I thought: Why not? I found one crazy fan among my works and made several stencils. Everyone can edit it and write any phrase he/she likes. But I strongly request you not to send me an e-mail asking me to edit the stencil by putting your favorite phrase. I will give no answer.
kolobok kolobok

It would be unduly not to make a smile of Udaff-slang, that I needed. A smiley, fighting against the appearance of such language users on your forums and chats. That's why, our lady is telling such "afftars" where to go on a language, which they understand the best…


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