Smiley gnoseology. Part III

Aiwan, 21 May 2005 - 23:00:00

Two words about … Part III

Even now a research of smiley semantic helps us to separate some groups of smilemes (don't confuse it with lexemes and morphemes), by further insertion of these smilemes one can express (smileysticulate) every emotion. And the first attempts to express and perceive a cognitive sense will be made soon. The new time deal dictates the new attitude: smiley is seen not as a sign structure that can be categorically divided into parts (like syllabic writing or hieroglyphic script), not as an artificial language creation (Volapuk or Esperanto), but as a creation of the new reality - one of the ways of the language development in the internet (with a segue to reality).

Smileysm as an netuistics occurrence got its registration and was confirmed by the high council by net users (not literally but everywhere and without reservation!). Smileysm is a global occurrence, it increasingly enters our consciousness and conquers more and more place there. One can now hardly imagine an e-mail without smileys (the middle level: 1,5 smileys for every 20 words). It’s even harder not to use looking for more expressive words these in-between types of abbreviation-smiley mixes. In some cases it will be strange to see in internet the whole form instead of the common abbreviation... It speaks for including of new sections in the linguistics that will be dedicated to research of smiley development and its influence on the common language

Smileysiculation is a life-creative process: new smileys appear, old ones die, norms are changing, new rules become approved. One can live without smileys but for many it’s like a mauvais ton. development perspectives are clear to every net user: everyone who wants to master the internet space(and to be dignified) must not only master new trends and techniques but also learn new ways of self-expression by usage of hyperlanguages. We must also give our answer to a very difficult question connected to the coming of the 3rd millennium: in which way should smileystizism be further developed? Will it try to isolate as much as possible which will be accomplished through the mostly full perception of different keyboard combinations (this way seems to be a dead end because it’s limited by the low variability)? Or will abbreviation-smileys be further developed (it is likely to be true if we take into account that language realias are close to the virtual-gnostic ones)? Or will something new appear (it must be also taken into account because of the new keyboards types appearing here or there)? In any case 20 years of mankind activities have left us a big amount of material that must be researched. Smileystics as a science will make its voice heard and we will see the differences between ancient and nowadays smileys of the crazy 20th Century.


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