Interview Gas13 for the site 2004 г.

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Interview Gas13 for the site

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What is your real name?

Gas13: My real name is Alexey. Friends call me Lyoha.

Where are you in the world?

Gas13: I live in Krasnodar - southwest of Russia.

What tools do you use to create your emoticons?

Gas13: Eyes (2), hands (2), Photoshop (7) + Image Ready, Gif movie gear (3).

What inspires you when making emoticons?

Gas13: Well, actually I wasn't emoticonist before. I was a pixel artist and Hotbar just advised me to try to create some emoticons for them. My first attempt was loved (from their words ) by everyone there and that was the beginning of my emoticonist career . So inspiration for many emoticons is the TO DO list from Hotbar. But sometimes when I'm tired from making what I need to do I do what I like. Usually emoticons are best. And usually Hotbar take them too

Have you any formal training in computer art?

Gas13: I'm a management faculty graduated and my main work is web mastering (if this could be said). Computer art is my hobby.

What got you started?

Gas13: Well if it's about emoticons then it's described above. If it's about computer art... Well... I started in 1997 when there were 3 ways - coding, gfx, music. I just choose what I can do best

And the hardest part is?

Gas13: To show the emotion right. I often look at the mirror now to see the emotions

What software did you start with compared to what you use now, and why is it better?

Gas13: I'm always using Photoshop. Layers is everything! And Gif movie gear 3 or Image Ready (to add something constant to animation by creating it on new layer).

What do you do 'outside' of the Internet?

Gas13: My work is webmaster/sys.admin. My hobby is basketball - I'm playing for the "Rising" team at our town's basketball league.

What is your view on people that use your emoticons without permission?

Gas13: Well, that's not my problem - Hotbar is looking for using my emoticons without permission ,If people use one somewhere then I just know this emoticon's good

Who is your favorite emoticon artist other than yourself?

Gas13: I really like the animation Fool uses in his smiles. Most of mine are static, so I can appreciate the extra effort he puts forth.

What is your most favorite thing in the whole world?

Gas13: Dunno. Hard to say. I prefer to keep silence not to sound stupid ))

Can you create a special emoticon just for EmotiPad?

Gas13: If there's any special idea...

And finally, do you have any advice for emoticonists' out there?

Gas13: All yellow circle emoticons are done! Choose new color, size and bring it to the world!

You can find the rest of Fool's work here:

Interviewed for on 02 January 2004.
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