News Item: KOLOBOK For IPB 2.x. Original
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Posted by Aiwan
23 November 2005 - 22:12:22

Here is the new archive, its contains a set of smiles for Invision Power Board forums ver. 2.0, 2.1. The smiles and controls are placed in the file ipb_emoticons.xml, which you can import into forum controls. How to install this archive you may read in the ReadMe(eng).txt files.

By the way, a week ago I made two new smiles, just could not place here, the site did not work correctly. Now everything is ok and for those, who could not find it , who has not been at the forum, where I've presented this pair that I'm showing here in the news.

kolobok kolobok

This news item is from Author's emoticons Kolobok Style. Kolobok smiles
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