News Item: А little bit more!
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Posted by Aiwan
07 August 2005 - 17:17:32

Today is a productive day, I’ve painted four smiles more. (A long time ago I promised INF to paint one smile for QIP, but I painted several of them.) I tortured myself thinking: "Which one must I delete? Which one should I leave?" But then I thought: "Why am I torturing myself alone? Let the others think and torture!" And left everything. Here you are!

Of course they are similar, simply use the one you like more. I won’t tell what this or that kolobok means, because it’s useless. You will decide yourself, where to paste them.

But don’t work too hard, I’ve heard, that some admins don’t want to install koloboks on forums, because according to them it disturbs the communication. If there is a couple of koloboks in the post, all attention is given to them. The message loses its sense and the post becomes colorless. It may be not literally what they say, but the main idea is clear... And how do you like them?

smiles smiles smiles smiles

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