News Item: Drawing kit for creation of koloboks "Kolobok Big GDK"
(Category: Important!)
Posted by Aiwan
12 December 2009 - 20:44:49

Koloboks of Big format slowly but confidently find the admirers to whom new emotion is required in one situation or another. I cannot sit from morning to night and draw everything that visitors in letters, at the forum or on the site ask me. Because of it I've made a drawing kit "Kolobok Big GDK" which, by the way, I promised to do for a long time but for now I couldn't find a time to complete it. Now anybody who would like to get a new kolobok of BIG-format can try to draw it.

It will be not superfluous to remind you that any drawing which you will draw by use of this kit will be allowed for use in your personal purposes only.

This news item is from Author's emoticons Kolobok Style. Kolobok smiles
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