News Item: New sets of koloboks for qutIM appeared
(Category: Internet)
Posted by Aiwan
31 August 2009 - 08:25:33

More and more Internet-pagers allow users to change their sets of smileys. It means, that our file archive is refilled with new sections. Yesterday I created a new section for qutIM pager. Three packets of koloboks appeared there, each size has its own standard set of smileys and codes - KOLOBOK For qutIM. Original, BIG KOLOBOK For qutIM. Original, Mini KOLOBOK For qutIM. Original. The author of the standard pack adaptation is Dmitry Kramarchuk. Thank him for a good work! All qutIM users that want to use these sets just need to visit the file section.

p.s. I remind you, that if you want to see sets of koloboks for your favorite pager on our site, than make them on basis of our standard archives and send them to my e-mail.

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