News Item: A new mini kolobok and a new version of the plug-in Kolobok toolbars
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Posted by Aiwan
05 July 2009 - 19:25:58

I have two messages for today: a new mini kolobok and a new version of the plug-in Kolobok toolbars. Hyron upgraded versions for the browsers Opera and Mozilla Firefox, a new version for Internet Explorer appeared as well. You can download the new plug-in versions in the section Files.

Recently we have some problems. On our hoster changes connected with economic crisis or simply with technical arrangement are in process. I stopped to inform you about short problems on our site (which last about 1-2 hours). But recently we had to switch off our site for more than twenty-four hours. And those, who use the old versions of the plug-in, had several problems. The problem is, that if the site is switched off, those, who use the old version of Kolobok toolbars. won't see any koloboks. The new version allows you to work absolutely independent from our site. If you have the old version, I kindly recommend you to upgrade it.

I also publish a new mini kolobok. I understand, that some of you would like to have everything at once, but I paint when I have time and conditions. That's why here is only one new kolobok. smiles

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