News Item: A couple of new koloboks
(Category: Koloboks)
Posted by Aiwan
20 October 2008 - 19:38:53

The more duties You have, the more time You spend for many different small things, that eat all Your free time. I decided to determinate main directions in my work to have enough energy and time to do what is planned. So, I had a look at the letters and noticed, that many people ask me to make a standard packet of big koloboks (49 items). There were about 10 smileys left. I decided to paint them. So, standardization and feminization are two main tendencies. The mini-set I will make a little bit later, because mini-koloboks are now officially used by Jimm and QIP PDA. And today I can offer you a couple of koloboks in different versions.
kolobok kolobok kolobok kolobok kolobok

P.S.: These works you can find in the section "Aiwan's Big Koloboks > Standard"

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