News Item: Main archives updating
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Posted by Aiwan
13 April 2008 - 20:35:48

There is a kind of a slack season on our site. It is connected with the fact, that I was busy the whole last month and had time for nothing but deleting spam and answering your letters. I was compelled by a big amount of similar questions to make a special page for frequently asked questions FAQ. My last measures are likely to be not effective (I mean the big button with the word "download”). But it will be in days to come, and today I want to inform you, that I have updated all main archives containing smileys: Full Kolobok for Dark skin v.2.4, Full Kolobok for Light skin v1.7, Full Big Kolobok Collection v1.1 и Full archive of all authors v1.3.

The official interview to the magazine F1CD is also published. I gave this interview after the New Year. If you are interested in it, you can find my answers on questions of Denis Voevoda on the official site of the magazine.

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