News Item: Update of the main archives
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Posted by Aiwan
30 November 2007 - 22:01:00

Today I’ve finally updated all main archives for standard sets and for extended packets (Big Pack). Now it’s done with inconsistency of different clients and everything is done on basis of a pack for QIP Infium. Inasmuch as its codes are set as default. I’ve also updated the packets for pagers QIP and Miranda. Other packs I haven’t done yet. That’s why I’m asking the authors of assemblies to carrect everything in the required way.

I also want to inform you, that a build of program ICQ6 with built-in koloboks has already appeared on the ICQ-site. I have downloaded it after I was informed by the company. Yes, there are koloboks, you have to reinstall the ICQ-version, if you are a fan of this client. All ICQ6-codes will be understood by the new packet "Big Pack", as I initially insisted on correspondence of codes to my smileys.

For those, who doesn’t understand anything, but wants to “paste these goddamn koloboks", I explain: you don’t need to send me e-mails asking me to send you all smileys. To get an answer you have to say, for which program you actually need them. It would be better for you to install programs with built-in koloboks: QIP, QIP Infium, ICQ6. I won’t answer to such letters, because I don’t have enough time for it. Sorry.

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