News Item: New kolobok: Complimenting, consoling and parlamenter
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Posted by Aiwan
13 October 2007 - 21:45:00

Before my rest I made one smiley but did not show it. It was kolobok that is consoling other kolobok. this work came out a little heavyish and I made two parts from one, but saved original. Also at this base I made a complimenting kolobok.

kolobok kolobok kolobok kolobok

But most importantly that I made variants of new style for websites! I had to convert and optimize them from beginning, and they lost lots of weigh. For example the ROFL smiley was 48 kb, now it's 31. The same oldstyle smile is 28 kb. Now you can use them at forums and chat-rooms.

Also I made new section-galleries for new format: Standard, Psicho Ward, HE and SHE. All new works you can find there. BUT at ICQ smiliey's section I left 43 original works,that was taken by ICQ. They are not optimized. If you need them for web their variants are exist at other sections, that I said about higher.

P.S. And one more work, it's Fool's idea. I like it really and decided to make the same.


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