News Item: What a Kolobok actually is...
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Posted by Aiwan
03 August 2007 - 15:34:21

In the article smiles or koloboks? I tried to give a definition and to discourse upon, who kolobok actually is, and what the difference between him and smile is. Everything written there are only my thoughts, my opinion, based on reviews and discussions with you. If you have something to add, write it in comments or send me in an e-mail. I will be glad to listen to you.

The second news isn’t so good. It’s not a secret, that many works of our painters are remade from others' smiles to koloboks. So, it’s time to “gather stones”. Many works will be removed from the gallery, some of them I’ve already deleted, because they infringe copyright of other painters. This action will be painless, if there is permission to use the originals in the animators' creations, we'll leave everything as was formerly the case. If there is no agreement, it’s a pity, but there will be some tears in the series of author’s koloboks

This news item is from Author's emoticons Kolobok Style. Kolobok smiles
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