News Item: KOLOBOK For IEView. Original [Big Pack]
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Posted by Aiwan
24 August 2006 - 21:05:48

What many were waiting for has finally happen. KOLOBOK For IEView. Original [Big Pack] for Miranda IM is ready and can be downloaded in the section of files for pagers. In the archive you can find an identic copy of the extended set for the QIP-client KOLOBOK For QiP. Original [Big Pack]. In the set for QIP I made a mistake having duplicated one smiley, that’s why its place took a smoking kolobok in QIP as well as in Miranda.

Working on this set I found out a strange mistake, that can be seen only in the archive for a dark background. Names of files containing numbers (E.g.: kiss3.gif) are not shown in the right way by Miranda plug-ins. It looks like a gibberish of 100 (less or more) signs after the smile. If you have such problem with a standard set, you should download it from the site, I’ve updated it having corrected this bug.

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