News Item: Updating of the archive "KOLOBOK For IEView. Original"
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Posted by Aiwan
21 August 2006 - 16:12:00

I have updated the archive KOLOBOK For IEView. Original for Miranda IM. The problem is, that many ICQ-codes are so incomprehensible in smileys’ performances, that I initially compared some of them with my own works. The same situation is with QIP. As result these three clients using smileys couldn‘t understand each other. First of all I corrected the QIP-archive, now its time for Miranda IM. I tried to coordinate both these clients, and their standard sets are now quite identic. It means that Miranda IM –users and QIP-users will fully understand each other’s codes. The only exception are several extra koloboks (2-3 codes in each one, E.g. QIP has the code *HELP*, and Miranda hasn’t), which I haven’t deleted from Miranda or added to QIP, because users became accustomed to them and don’t want to change them. But these missing codes will be in the extended version of the other client. So, the [Big Pack] QIP will be equal to the [Big Pack] Miranda. But it will happen a little bit later. I ask you to inform me about any mistakes found by you on Forum for suggestions concerning the archive.

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