News Item: Updating of the archive "KOLOBOK For QiP. Original"
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Posted by Aiwan
02 August 2006 - 15:47:00

Recently a new version of the popular pager QIP build 7960 appeared. Besides some changes in the program code this new version has also big changes in the codes of animated smileys. These codes wee initially wrong interpreted from ICQ. As result people using ICQ and QIP couldn’t understand each other, while using the same codes. Many users complained about it and asked me to coordinate the meaning of codes and koloboks. I have consequently corrected also my own archive, that I had before. Some smileys in this set may differ from the original, because my tastes differ from the tastes of the Inf (the author of QIP). But I think it may be seen as an advantage, because you have two different sets.

The version for dark background was also corrected by me. For those who use the old version of the program, there is a special smileys’ configuration file for the old versions. Further information you’ll find in ReadMe.txt. Download smileys from KOLOBOK For QiP. Original you can in the section for files on our site.

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